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Vasily Polenov, Moscow Courtyard
Vasily Polenov, Le Droit du Seigneur
Peter Vereshchagin, View of the Kremlin from the Moskvoretsky Bridge
Peter Vereshchagin, The Market in Nizhny Novgorod

John Singleton Copley; detail of Mrs. George Watson.
Ron Hicks - Café Kiss
Anthony Van Dyck. Detail from Marie Louise de Tassis, 1629.

"A melancholy lull hung over the streets and it seemed that the pitiful buildings, hopelessly decrepit, timidly hinting at the impoverished and boring life lurking within their walls, had originated for nothing. People appeared from time to time and even they were walking slowly as though without motivation, as though they were barely succeeding in overcoming the somnolence that was inducing them to stillness. Only the children, those eternal, tireless vessels of God’s delight in the earth, were lively and ran and played. But sluggishness was even settling over them by now, and some faceless and invisible monster, nestling at their shoulder, peered from time to time with eyes full of menace into their faces which were suddenly growing listless."

- Fyodor Sologub, The Petty Demon

Markus Schinwald, Alexis, 2012
George Cuitt. Detail from Easby Hall and Easby Abbey with Richmond, Yorkshire in the Background, 1800.
The Violin Student, Paris - Stephen Seymour Thomas
Joseph Zbukvic (b. 1952, Zagreb, Croatia) - Paris in the Rain Paintings : Watercolors

Ilya Repin

Emperor Nicholas II (sketch)